Patrick J. Watson
Media as art and enterprise

I am a media producer, who makes, builds, creates, manages and develops content primarily for the publishing industry.

My career has allowed me to collaborate on industry changing endeavors with talented people in both the private and public sectors. From my beginning in real estate to a career in publishing, the role of seeing opportunity, developing the idea and implementing it, has been at my core.

Below you find more information pertaining to my work. If you would like to see examples of my art please visit Behance or for my business bio please visit LinkedIn.

In publishing I have
  • developed distance-learning labs-Pearson
  • created media departments-Mosby now Elsevier
  • created new publishing models for image databasing-Mosby
  • developed molecular modeling software-Mosby
  • designed production workflows-Mosby-Pearson
  • Publishing credits include international textbook publishers, national and international magazines. See Clientele list
  • Media projects include those for United States Military Academy at West Point, Elsevier Health Sciences and Pearson Education.
  • Moved analog publishing workflows to digital
  • Naming conventions for millions of files
  • Built consensus across broad and sometimes divergent groups
  • Taught technology to K-8 grades (most interesting)
  • Art of seeing to children-adults
  • Business of (publishing) media to corporate colleagues.

I have created unique Day in the Life Projects
  • Documenting 24 hours of modern dance. MadCo
  • Profiling Hospice nurses and patients (which led to my textbook work) for Lutheran Medical Center

Recent projects
  • Pearson Education in
    • Photography-books
      • Lubbock, Texas
      • Salt Lake City, Utah
      • Houston, Texas
    • Video production-nursing videos
      • Burlington, Vermont
      • Erie, Pennsylvania

Underway is underway please see here.