This page is for those who know me or have met me.  For those that need the BIO I refer you to the Linkedin link on the left.  For those just stopping by thanks and read on if you like.

I do not have a conventional title in my work.  I make, build, create, manage and develop.  What? Ideas, real estate and art.  So for now let's talk about a few of things I have done and am working on. 

My career has allowed me to collaborate on industry changing endeavors with talented people in both the private and public sectors. Starting in real estate to publishing to business the role of seeing opportunity, building the idea and "selling" it has been at my core.

  • I have created unique Day in the Life Projects
    • Documenting 24 hours of modern dance
    • Profiling Hospice nurses and patients (which led to my textbook work).
  • In publishing I have 
    • developed distance-learning labs
    • created media departments
    • created new publishing models for image databasing
    • developed molecular modeling software
    • designed production workflows
    • Publishing credits include international textbook publishers, national and international magazines. 
    • Media projects include those for United States Military Academy at West Point, Elsevier Health Sciences and Pearson Education. 
    • taken many, many photos 
      • Recent projects include photography for Pearson Education in Lubbock, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah and Houston, Texas. Video productions in Burlington, Vermont and Erie, Pennsylvania and distance learning projects.

  • In publshing I have also
    • Dealt with the less exciting aspects
      • Moving entire analog publishing workflows to digital
      • Naming conventions for millions of files
      • Building consensus across broad and sometimes divergent groups
  •  In real estate starting
    •  At 17 purchased first proptery
    • Assumed with nephew family business
    • Established protocols for Section 8 tenants for apartment life
    • Worked with urban renewal projects as diverse as Pruitt-Igoe to Operation Brightside in St. Louis
    • Government contractor for manufacturing
    • Partner in Forsyth Properties in St. Louis with over 100 + units, 3 dozen properties in both residential, commercial and acreage.
  •  Taught technology to K-8 grades (most interesting), art of seeing to children-adults, and the business of (publishing) media to corporate colleagues.
  • Recent non profit work includes Poughkeepsie Public Library trustee and City of Poughkeepsie Charter Review Commission. 

Today I am also moving into children stories that you can find on the TALES page. Some of the upcoming projects are listed on the page. 

Additions to my personal work. Whale in the Hudson and My roommate is a Hippo children's stories are on Amazon with others to follow this year. 

Please review the links to learn more. I may be contacted at pjw at