Ideas bring media to life.

All ideas benefit from a core understanding of how to creatively develop concepts, work with problems and divergent groups. Ideas created within these groups are vital to both the public and private sectors. I work in both of these sectors with interesting and talented people in the nonprofit, health care, and corporate communities. I help my clients create new content, develop programs and make a better product.

My work has allowed me to bring ideas to fruition as varied as developing distance-learning labs, media departments for publishers, and development of new publishing models merging divergent technologies.

Credits in publishing include international textbook publishers, national and international magazines. Media projects include those for United States Military Academy at West Point, Elsevier Health Sciences and Pearson Education. A listing of clients may be viewed at the Clientele link at the top of this page.

Recent projects include photography for Pearson textbooks in Lubbock, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah and Houston, Texas. Video productions in Burlington, Vermont and Erie, Pennsylvania and distance learning projects for Pearson.

Recent nonprofit work includes Poughkeepsie Public Library trustee and City of Poughkeepsie Charter Review Committee.

Please review the links to the left if you would like to learn more. I may be contacted at pjw @ patrickjwatson dot com

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