Patrick J. Watson
For Dutchess County Legislator District 8

We all need to share the road.

Pedestrian Safety

Walking in Parts of District 8

A walk to Route 9 in District 8 is within the range of many of it's residents. The actual path to Route 9 in many locations is challenging for adults, and certainly not designed for those with children.

As an avid walker, terrible jogger, and pedestrian I find parts of our district to be concerning for the non-motorist.

Wilbur Blvd. (from McCann to Spackenkill) and Beechwood Avenues are streets not marked for pedestrian or bike lanes. Beechwood in particular, with it's sharp bend and no sidewalks or bike paths, leaves the pedestrian in particular duress during his/her travel.

Parts of Spackenkill Road and Wilbur Blvd. need additional marked crosswalks (not Stop signs) to help residents and students cross busy traffic.

Proposed Improvements to the Walkway/Bike Path along Wilbur Boulevard in the City and Town of Poughkeepsie

Wilbur Boulevard is one of the more heavily traveled pedestrian roadways in the City and Town of Poughkeepsie.

The City of Poughkeepsie, working in conjunction with the Town, could allow for some improvements, which would add to the quality of life for all those that use it regularly for transportation or recreation.

Improvements may come from both private and public improvement dollars. The breakout follows for the crosswalks, seating and fitness trail.

The Proposed Improvements


Access to Wilbur walkway from Hooker to Ruppert is marked and safe with city sidewalks and a posted crosswalk.

It is at Monell and Croft or Scott Terrace, where posted crosswalks and paved connector would provide safe/dry access to the walkway.


**Bench has been made by the town and will be installed.  

Benches will be built for the elderly/handicapped/people watchers.

Locations will be by the ball fields, midway through the walkway by the golf course, as well as near the end of the path.


1.  Support our citizens to help them cultivate new business opportunities.

2.  Provide new graduates access to resources and funds to create and grow new businesses.

3.  Develop a Dutchess Business Ambassadors program with industry-leading residents to promote Dutchess County to the world.

4.  Collaborate with small manufacturers in non-tech sector to provide opportunity and training for those who wish to pursue a career in those fields.

5. Advocate for, and explain unique benefits of, Dutchess County as an alternative satellite venue for businesses looking to expand beyond NYC and other high-rent locations.

6.  Develop collaborative partnerships with NYC-based groups to disseminate info about business incentives, strong economic opportunities, and other value propositions that Dutchess County provides.  

7. For local entrepreneurs, provide clear and complete information about what business resources and incentives are available, in order to encourage establishing in the area.


1.  Run informational sessions in urban areas to stimulate interest in agriculture-based careers.

2.  Promote new farming opportunities such as container and hydroponic farming by offering incentives to businesses to relocate here. Greenhouse growers, vertical farmers, etc. are increasingly locating on the outskirts of major metropolises, and bringing large amounts of jobs/capital to suburban regions. Promote Dutchess County to growers as a location that provides access to CT & NYC.

3.  Dedicate outreach to young farmers or aspiring farmers. With the average age of farmers rising, and with many farms lacking heirs, investment needs to be made to motivate young individuals with space, capital, and resources to enter the agricultural field in Dutchess.