Patrick J. Watson
Media as art and enterprise

Children stories  from Old Mouse Tales coming 2018


The Heart

The Heart is an ongoing project documenting how the human heart has been depicted in art and science over the ages.

A Better Trophy

A better trophy is a project that will look to offer an alternative (trophy) to game hunters.

The idea and feel of the hunt will still be in place. The object that is hunted will be allowed to continue it's time on this planet along with the hunter. 


In Collaboration

Jode Millman of New York and I are currently working on Backstage with the Bardavon.  BWTB will be a series of podcasts showcasing interviews with some of the myriad of performers who play and have played at the Bardavon Opera House in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Old Mouse Tales

The series documents the travels of a mouse who meets a whale, the Queen and a hippo will debut in 2018.