Wilbur Boulevard

Proposed improvements to the walkway/bike path along Wilbur Boulevard in the City and Town of Poughkeepsie.

Wilbur Boulevard is one of the more heavily traveled pedestrian roadways in the City and Town of Poughkeepsie.  I would like for the City and working in conjunction with the Town allow for some improvements, adding to the quality of life of all those that use it regularly for transportation or recreation.

Improvements may come from both private and public improvement dollars.The breakout follows for the crosswalks, seating and fitness trail.  The Google Map of the suggestions is at the bottom of the page.

The proposed improvements


Access to walkway from Hooker to Ruppert is marked and safe with city sidewalks and a posted crosswalk. It is at Monell and Croft or Scott Terrace, where posted crosswalks and paved connector would provide safe/dry access to the walkway.



Benches for the elderly/handicapped for the elderly/handicapped/people watchers.  Locations will by the ball fields,mid-way through the walkway by the golf course and at near it's end.  

A gazebo for protection from the sun/weather/small social gatherings could be erected by the ball field. Possible private funding-such as a Wilbur Walkway Association/Group. This area could also be landscaped for a local flower garden.

Fitness Trail

The last is for this linear park/walkway is to encompass a Fitness Trail (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitness_trail).  The Highland side of the Walkway over the Hudson features one, as does Forest Park in St. Louis, whose course is over forty years old.  These exercise stations would provide a very useful and healthful enhancement to one of our “healthiest” boulevards.

The Google Map of the suggestions is below.

Wilbur Blvd. Proposed Improvements