I have been fortunate in my life to have been raised by a family of gifted story tellers. They taught me that a good story is not always perfect but always remembered and often retold.

With a rich history from Tennessee, Missouri and now New York the stories that I bring to the reader and listener encompass a world of folklore, tall tales, bedtime fables and fibs. Interspersed with facts and figures, that may or may not be true.

My children stories of Whale in the Hudson and My Roommate is a Hippo are now completed.

In the upcoming months, I will be posting several new stories to accompany those shown.

Current projects in development

  • Books on Strike

  • Madonnas of Manhattan

  • Angelisa the Church bell

  • A name for my sister

  • How to keep Miss Alice warm

  • I don't want you anymore

  • How the Fairies came to America

  • Brownies for Breakfast

  • This is how it broke

  • Luvy

Also in the works

The Heart

The Heart is an ongoing project documenting how the human heart has been depicted in art and science over the ages.

Backstage with the Bardavon

Jode Millman of New York and I are currently working on Backstage with the Bardavon.

Backstage with the Bardavon is a series of podcasts showcasing interviews with some of the myriad of performers who play and have played at the Bardavon Opera House in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The famous Barbie Hot Tub Party in Providence, MA. Thank you Romeo for it's use.