Media creation and development

Advertising, editorial and documentary, media development from textbook art programs, to the creation of children stories.

My career has allowed me to collaborate on industry changing endeavors with very talented people in both the private and public sectors.

I have been fortunate to have built a media division for the largest healthcare publisher, created Day in Life projects for the United Way, to co producing Backstage at the Bardavon podcasts.

This breath of experience allows insight into solutions and creative beginnings.

New content is constantly in progress. To look at some follow the links at the top of this page or email me. Better yet coffee at Ryan's in Edinburgh, Robert's atop The Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, or Alex's in Poughkeepsie. Look forward to hearing from you in 2022.


Range from international publishing/media companies to local non profits to those who love a story.

If you would like to talk clients please let me know and I will gladly send a list out.

If you would like a story then follow the Tales at the top of this page.

Local non profits need your help. Please visit Locust Grove Estates in the Hudson Valley for beautiful flower gardens and walking trails. Or others in your community.

They enrich our lives and others.