Media as art and enterprise

New projects and content are constantly in development. To look at some follow the links at the top of this page or email me. Better yet coffee in Edinburgh, Scotland, Robert's atop The Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle in Manhattan, or Alex's in Poughkeepsie. Or meet at Locust Grove Estate above for a walk with a view to discuss how we can better the world.

On a trip to Scotland I found my favorite seat for people watching. It was at Ryan's in Edinburgh. The seat looked out at the castle and one of the major traffic exchanges.

For the cost of a coffee or tea one was allowed to view the show as it unfolds. It ranged from pedestrians dodging the every fast buses to a popup Starbuck's trying to lure customers from Ryan's.

Ryan's unfortunately closed. So now to find a new seat.

Any recommendations?

Ideas benefit from a core understanding of how to creatively develop concepts, work with problems and divergent groups. Collaborative projects created within these environments are vital to both the public and private sectors.

My clients understand this process. I help create content and develop programs to address those challenges.

And to have a good cup of coffee along the way.

Local non profits need our help.

Please visit Locust Grove Estates in the Hudson Valley shown above for beautiful flower gardens and walking trails. Or other non profits in your community.

They enrich our lives and others.